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  • Tausif Mulla

Webinar on Improving Online Research for Academic Writing

The amount of information on the internet is overwhelming - limitless websites and sources of information. There is no good way to save, annotate, and track the important things you find. Bookmarking, leaving tabs open, and copy/pasting content into docs are a headache. Introducing PowerNotes - a browser-based extension to take the pain and frustration out of online research. PowerNotes is the first online research platform that not only saves what's important but also keeps it organized for you

A free research tool for managing literature review
Improve the research process with PowerNotes

PowerNotes is built on academic experience and frustration with digital research and writing. Until now, tools have not been developed specifically for today’s research process and the transition into writing, leading to inefficiency and frustration for students and instructors, who must resort to using products built for other purposes. PowerNotes is designed to address the challenges inherent in source-based writing in the digital environment. It seeks to improve writing quality with tools that provide an efficient and continuous workflow through the entire digital research and writing process.


Register for Webinar: Click here

Date: Thursday, July 16 at 3:00 pm (GMT +04:00) Asia/Dubai

Co-presented by: Tausif Mulla

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