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  • Tausif Mulla

Samsung touches your heart....again!

When was the last time you saw a commercial from a brand that brought tears to your eyes? In this post, you might get emotional but I can assure you will smile at the end (Spoiler Alert).

Samsung India made this commercial that showcases its product servicing standards and its reach. As you must be aware that geographically India is a pretty big country and it becomes very difficult for companies to set up service centers in remote places. This is the pain point that Samsung has tried to answer, serving remote customers.

Samsung emotional ad

The ad showcases a service agent who is on the field to address the complaint made by a customer. The background score is sung by the very talented Bollywood singer Mohit Chauhan which has motivational lyrics which simply means "flow like a river". When the service agent reaches the destination, he is baffled to know that its a shelter home for visually impaired kids. The complainant is also a visually impaired girl who wants to listen to the song of her friend who has appeared on a singing talent show.

The ad strikes an emotional chord with its viewers and leaves a strong message. Have a look at few comments on the video.

"This Ad made me to look for Replay button instead of Skip button."

"First Ad To cross 100M views.....Woooohoooo. That shows how good this Ad is.....Amazing."

"Don't have words to express... fraction of a second.. U lose all ur ego... After watching.. This... Hats off to the director.."

"This kind of video inspire you to become a better person and find positives in whatever life offers you."

The ad has already gained more than 150 million views on YouTube.

Tell me in the comments, which another ad made you emotional?

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