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Relationship Status: Reader

Guest post by SKY Reading is a complex "cognitive process" of decoding symbols in order to construct or derive meaning. Wait… what?

Love of reading

That was Wikipedia’s definition of reading! Doesn’t make reading so appealing now, does it? Well, let me tell you what my definition of reading is. It is this amazing relationship you start with a book of your choice. No pressure. No strings attached. You set your own pace and you willingly commit out of pure love. It takes you to another world, another place or another time. Makes you feel, experience and live a life you never thought you would live. Brings you closer to people you don’t know, however, love with all your being. Creates this wonderful mixture of emotions in you, sometimes you sob, cry tears of joy, smile or even laugh your head off! The best part is when things end, it’s totally peaceful! No heartbreaks and definitely no need for gallons of Ice cream to help you get over the whole experience!

What to read?

You know what? You don’t even need to be exclusive and read one book at a time, poly-reading certainly won’t be considered as cheating!! How does that sound? Here is one of my favorite Carl Sagan’s quotes that captures the passion for reading.

Carl Sagan quote

Dream Big! Sky.

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