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Productivity tool: Get hooked to WorkFlowy for Getting Things Done

We are living in a golden age of productivity. There are a million and one apps promising to help us do anything and everything we could want. The problem is that there are too many tools to choose from, so it's difficult to find the right tool for the job. With so many apps out there promising to be the best productivity tool, it's no wonder you're feeling overwhelmed. Managing daily tasks to managing projects has become difficult and adds to stress.

In this post, I have shared my favorite application that'll help you finally say goodbye to your never-ending to-do list. and get more organized in life.

What is WorkFlowy?

WorkFlowy is a web-based outliner and productivity software that helps you manage your projects and tasks. It features a drag and drop interface with an unlimited number of hierarchical lists, which are all synced with the cloud. You can also set due dates, and reminders and attach files to your entries.

WorkFlowy can also be used as a task management tool. It does not have the complexity and features of other task managers, but it has a user-friendly interface and the ability to create lists that contain other lists.

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How to use the WorkFlowy effectively

1. Use the Templates Feature

WorkFlowy has a feature called templates that can be used to save time. The templates are made with a specific purpose in mind and will allow you to get things done quickly. Templates can be used for any list type, from grocery lists to meetings, from project management, and email management.

The templates can be set up by the user to generate any type of node (document) needed. They can be as specific as individual documents or as general as templates for different kinds of content. With templates, you don’t need to start from scratch when you need a document created, you don’t have to recreate the wheel every time. Furthermore, with WorkFlowy's template library, you don't have to worry about forgetting or losing your template; you can just look it up in the search bar.

2. Create a checklist for all tasks

Every day you have a set of important tasks that need to be completed. Whether it's your job or personal life, it's important to keep track of your progress. A checklist is a useful tool that can help you do this.

A checklist can be simple or complicated, depending on the needs that you have. A basic list could include items such as: going to work, going grocery shopping, and doing laundry. On the other hand, more complex lists could include items like being mindful about how much time and effort is being spent on a task before starting it, taking breaks throughout the day when needed, and checking in with others periodically to see how they are doing.

WorkFlowy is an easy-to-use checklist creator that makes it possible for individuals to create, track, share and collaborate on checklists. Here’s an example:

  • Determine your task list

  • Put the tasks in order of priority and duration

  • Figure out what needs to be done before you do other tasks

  • Consider what else you need to know in order to do the task

3. Break down projects into smaller tasks and sub-tasks using the indent feature

The indent feature is one of the most helpful features for breaking down projects into smaller tasks and sub-tasks. An indent feature is a helpful tool for breaking down projects into smaller tasks and sub-tasks. When you indent, it helps you stay on top of your project and organize yourself better. When you are working on a big project, it's easy to get overwhelmed. The indent feature can make the process easier by providing a hierarchy structure that allows you to visualize the completion process. Indenting can help you break down your document into logical sections and create an outline with a hierarchy structure. To indent a node, simply press the TAB key on your keyboard and to outdent SHIFT + TAB.

Overall, it makes it easier for you to see what needs to be done, how long each task will take, and what step comes next in your project. It is also helpful for keeping track of the progress of each task.

4. Use hashtags (#) for better organization

Tagging items allows you to keep related items together for quick reference. For example, if you tag a node with "ToDo," you can easily filter all the nodes that have #ToDo mentioned. The tags feature can also be used to organize posts by date, topic, or the person you are sharing with. The best part is that you can organize your thoughts with tags, which let you see everything you’ve marked with that tag in one click.

This makes organizing things much easier, especially when your WorkFlowy document starts to get large. Type a @ OR # before any word and then clicking on that tag will only display items containing that tag.

Here are some suggestions to use tags:

  • When will you do stuff? Use #now for tasks you want to complete today, #soon for tasks you want to accomplish in the next week or so.

  • @ tags are used to keep track of who is doing what. It becomes easier to allocate tasks by simply @Name

  • What is the priority? Use #important for items that will have a big impact and #urgent for items that are time-sensitive.

5. Share the node with access control.

One of the most powerful features of WorkFlowy is the ability to share part of your WorkFlowy with anyone at any level of the hierarchy. The recipient can add the shared item into their WorkFlowy and make it visible to a subset of items. Any changes made are synced across your devices.

You can share a bullet point with others by hovering over the bullet and clicking the 'Share' option. The dialog box will open, allowing you to enter an email address for the person you are sharing it with. Click ‘Add to add them to the list of shared people. You can even share with more than one person.

Concluding thoughts on Workflowy

WorkFlowy is an organizational tool that is simple and easy to use. It's a tree-like structure for organizing your thoughts, ideas, tasks, and projects. You can create nested lists with bullets, checkboxes, or text. You can also assign dates and tags to items in the list. WorkFlowy also employs useful features like syncing across devices so you can access your lists wherever you want. If you are interested to use it, click on this affiliate link.

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