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  • Tausif Mulla

Life lessons from a movie

Often we come across movies that leave a lasting impact on us. Being a complete movie buff, I have learned a lot of things from movies, be it Hollywood or Bollywood. Movies such as The Pursuit of Happiness, 3 idiots, Captain Philip, Man on a ledge, etc. have left a positive impact on me. In this post, I will share leadership lessons we all can learn from one of my favorites.

About leadership

Leadership is not easy. It has its ups and downs, its successes and failures. Even the people who have leadership skills don’t always agree on what leadership means. From movies, we can learn a lot about what makes a good leader, the lessons that we can take from them, and the mistakes that they make.

Leadership is an art form that consists of many different skill sets including communication, conflict resolution, negotiation, the delegation of tasks among others. However, while these skills might be seen as essential to leadership in movies, they are not necessarily so in real-life contexts. They do not require any particular career background or subject expertise to practice effectively.

Some movies share leadership lessons that can be applied to the workplace. For example, "The Matrix" shares a lesson about gaining control by breaking things down into smaller pieces.

Here are some of the key leadership lessons from the movie "Sully" that are applicable to our personal and professional life

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