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  • Tausif Mulla

Is your institute nurturing Decision Makers or producing Robots?

Importance of decision making

Every day we take decisions in our lives. Some are correct and some are not. Our correct decisions help us move forward in life and our wrong ones help us introspect our lives ( what did just happened?). I think both are necessary for a progressive career.


On the same topic, I started reading a book called as “Lead with Story” by Paul Smith and I am already captivated by it. This book has several stories and the one thing common in all of them is decision makers.The story that impressed me the most (so far) is a man known as Rasoul Madadi.

The year 2011 was a remarkable year in recent times. It was in the same year the world witness the rise of Arab spring. It started with Tunisia and soon caught up with the neighboring countries. This is the story about Rasoul Madadi in Egypt. On 25th January 2011 a revolution erupted in cities across Egypt. Millions of civilians hit the streets demanding free elections to combat police brutality, high unemployment, corruption and rampant inflation.

Egypt revolution

Protesters opposing Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi wave flags in Tahrir Square in Cairo on Wednesday. Shortly afterward, the military staged a coup, ousting Morsi and suspending the constitution.

Initially, the protest started peacefully but soon turned out to be violet when forces loyal to Hosni Mubarak clashed with protesting civilians. The capital city of Cairo was in chaos and soon turned into a war zone. Many people started to flee the city for safety.

Rasoul Madadi an expatriate from Cincinnati was one of them,along with his wife and six-year-old son. His company had ordered him to leave the country with his family to a safer place. On January 30th, he left his house for Cairo airport. At this point of time, the destination didn’t matter as long as they are out of Cairo. As people took over streets the with protest it brought the moving traffic to a standstill. Many pilots and crew were not able to make it to the airport that resulted in many flight cancellation that day. Incoming flights were diverted to other cities there by resulting few outgoing flights.

Chaos at Egypt airport

A picture he took a Cairo airport

Cancelled flight at Cairo airport

That day, Rasoul Madadi witness something incredible. His company had booked multiple tickets for him and his family on the same day. Every canceled flight had his name on the list. That Sunday only one flight took up from Cairo airport and Rasoul Madadi with his family was on that flight.

The company that took put so many efforts in safeguarding its own employee was none other than Procter & Gamble (P&G). On that day, P&G proved employees are an important asset to an organization.

The story is inspiring, isn’t it?

As I love to write about education, the question that crossed my mind is “Are our institutes nurturing decision makers or simply producing robots for the corporate world?”

Imagine this, what if the person (who booked the multiple tickets) just booked one ticket on that day? I am pretty sure the team at P&G well thought of ongoing scenario and took a bold decision to book multiple tickets for its employee.

In our schools, colleges, institutes we need to nurture students to make critical decisions. While doing this, they might fail several times with their wrong decisions, but this will eliminate the fear from their minds. The case studies shouldn’t be restricted to classrooms only. We need to create an ecosystem that will nurture decision makers for future.

Lastly, as an institute lets not produce robots from assembly lines but future managers with skills to make critical decisions for their organizations.

Do share your thoughts and experiences on “decision making” and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for more content.


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