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How to use your LinkedIn account as a CRM with LeadDelta

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the internet. It has over 774+ million members in over 200 countries and territories, including professionals from more than 200 occupations and industries. You can use LinkedIn to find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills for your next career move. Through an active LinkedIn profile, you can display your unique professional story by showcasing skills, qualifications, and experiences.

Here are some of the benefits LinkedIn has to offer:

  • Create a professional profile and establish credibility.

  • Enhance visibility of your personal brand.

  • Connect with professionals who share similar interests.

  • Share your skills and expertise online.

  • Leverage LinkedIn’s features to find new employees or jobs.

  • Get recommendations from your connections.

  • Generate quality leads.

Problem with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform for connecting, sharing, learning, and finding opportunities. BUT there are a few things that LinkedIn lacks. One of the biggest downsides of LinkedIn is that you can’t use it as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

Here’s a common scenario on LinkedIn

Accepting the connection request. It then turns into a handshake to pitch. The number of connections keeps growing. You can't organize your connections in a meaningful way and grow the network sustainably while maintaining a good relationship. There is an overwhelming amount of clutter. Basically, you can't leverage the full potential of this incredible social media platform.

The solution to this problem is LeadDelta.

LeadDelta is a service that allows users to use their personal LinkedIn account as a CRM. It’s a start-up led by Vedran Rasic (CEO & Co-Founder) and based in Toronto, Canada. As of September 2021, there are over +2,000 active users that are benefiting from this incredible tool.

LeadDelta logo

LeadDelta is among the top 3, top-rated LinkedIn Apps on Chrome Web Store and has been the #1 product of the day on ProductHunt.

LeadDelta is a platform that turns your LinkedIn account into a powerful CRM, enabling you to organize your network, send mass to customize messages at scale. It is a tool for organizing and strengthening the relationship with your prospects.

The functionalities of LeadDelta are designed to help you with the following:

  • View connections as a CRM list-view

  • Send personalized messages at scale. Use the Message Templates to send personalized messages with just a few clicks.

  • Selectively follow or unfollow specific connections with one click.

  • LeadDelta will also keep you up-to-date on their latest activities so you don't miss anything important.

  • Create automated filters to stay updated with the people you follow on LinkedIn.

  • Manage all connections from one place with Tags & Notes, Filters, Sorting & Searching features

  • Disconnect or Hide connections in bulk.

  • Synchronize your latest connections.

  • Visualize & export your data (CSV).

  • The following integrations are available: LinkedIn, Gmail, Zapier, and Pabbly (more to be added)

It's never been easier to maintain a reliable pipeline of prospects until now. Thanks to LeadDelta, prospecting and managing pipelines can be managed more efficiently and effectively.

Lead management made simple

With LeadDelta, all you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps: 1) Connect Linkedin to LeadDelta 2) Make relevant tags 3) Start adding tags to your connections.

Before using LeadDelta

Why can't we use LinkedIn as a CRM?

After using LeadDelta

Using LinkedIn as a CRM tool

Who should use LeadDelta?

  • Sales reps

  • Recruiters

  • Entrepreneurs

  • CXO’s

  • Creators

  • Freelancers

  • Academics

  • Any professional who would like to leverage his/her connections.

Here’s a short demo of LeadDelta by Vedran Rasic

Before you start using LeadDelta, here are a few things you need to have:

  • Any browser built on the Chromium platform: Chrome, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi...

  • You have to have an active LinkedIn profile (paid or not it doesn’t matter)

What I like about LeadDelta:

  • CRM-view

  • Tags

  • Data

  • Disconnect in bulk

  • Follow/unfollow in bulk

You can read reviews by other users here.

I highly recommend this tool, if you are someone who spends a lot of time on LinkedIn. The best part is, LeadDelta is offering a lifetime deal for a short period. After 15 October 2021, it will adopt a subscription model. If you are interested in availing of this lifetime deal, you need to click on this link and use this coupon code WPLTD4TM to gain a 10% discount.

The current price for the lifetime offer is USD 149 and after the discount, it will be USD 134.1/lifetime.

This coupon CODE will only work on the link (provided above). You need to purchase through the link provided and then apply the auto-generated code (sent to your email) after successful payment inside the app.

Benefits of a lifetime deal:

  1. UNLIMITED LIFETIME ACCESS 🚀 Get unlimited lifetime access to LeadDelta and use it for as long as you like! Unlimited means all the features and functionalities, and it gets better, much better...

  2. ACCESS TO FUTURE UPDATES 🔮 This limited lifetime deal includes all the features LeadDelta has to offer, and guaranteed access to all the upcoming features, too. I told you it gets better.

  3. PAY ONCE USE FOREVER 🏆 All it takes is one invoice, one early believer, and one feedback, and it's all yours. Forget about subscriptions. With this plan, you only pay once and get all the features that our tool offers.

  4. SUPPORT CREATORS EARLY ON 🎗 You invest and support a brand NEW product. On behalf of the entire LeadDelta team, we thank you, and we shall do so with every future LeadDelta update.

  5. ACCESS TO FOUNDERS as an early customer you have the potential to influence the trajectory and the roadmap.

I look at this product as an investment in myself. Over the years, LinkedIn has helped me immensely and with LeadDelta I now see it becoming even more valuable.

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