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  • Tausif Mulla

YouTuber Anna Akana gives you a tour of a Chromebook

Google Chromebook in UAE

If you haven't heard about "CHROMEBOOKS" probably you are living with the cast and crew of Walking Dead (pun intended :p). Chromebooks are the next generation super fast and highly efficient laptops that run Google's Chrome Operating System (OS).

Watch this video tutorial by the famous Youtuber Anna Akana as she showcases its benefits and how you can personalize it as per the way you work, play, collaborate and communicate.

In the month of October, 2017, Google launched its newest Chromebook "The Pixelbook". At the moment, it's the most premium and Chromebook available in the market with rich features. By 2018, all the upcoming Chromebooks will have android apps support, that will take computing to a whole new level.

I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on the "Pixelbook". Here, in the United Arab Emirates, Google has not yet launched the pixelbook. I will probably have to catch hold of a friend who can get me one from the US.

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