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Disney Plans to Build "Theme Towns": Yes, Alice in Subdivision Land

Disney is at it again, this time with a new venture called "Storyliving by Disney." The first-ever Storyliving neighborhood is already under construction in Rancho Mirage, California. It comes with its own 24-acre "grand oasis" lagoon, smack in the middle of the town. The new venture will fall under the company's theme parks division, though "theme town" or "theme life" is probably a more apt description.

Disney's new venture called Disney Living

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Depending on who you ask, Disney's latest endeavor will either result in The Happiest Place On Earth or a living nightmare. Disney announced that it will establish a number of residential communities throughout the United States. Except, unlike its famous theme parks, these townships won't have Walt Disney or Mickey Mouse characters roaming the streets. Instead, you'll be able to discover meticulously manicured homes, condos, shopping centers, and entertainment complexes with subtle Disney hints. The community will be managed and maintained by Disney's guest services, the same people who run those parks.


The Disney fairytale may be experienced in a variety of exquisite theme parks across the world. They receive millions of visitors every year to date. Its parks division posted $7.2 billion in earnings last quarter alone, demonstrating that there are plenty of people on the planet who like to love, exist, and breathe "Disney."

The company's theme parks business will manage the new project, which is presumably more appropriately characterized as a "theme town" or a "theme life." Only one site has been announced thus far: a 1,900-unit community in Rancho Mirage, California, with a 24-acre "grand oasis" to be built around a “Cotino," which is Spanish for "little puddle."

No prices have been set, and no, Mickey Mouse will not be collecting rent checks or offering the actual property for sale (pun intended). At Cotino, DMD Development, a third-party luxury community developer, will build, own, and market the properties.

Walt Disney himself originally intended EPCOT, the name for Disney World's original master plan, to be a utopian "City of the Future," but settled for an add-on theme park expansion. In 1996, Disney constructed Celebration in Florida, a planned community near its Orlando resort with a population of roughly 10,000 people. In 2011, it opened Golden Oak Resort in the state of Florida–another planned community with home prices starting at $2 million–slightly more than the cost of a Disneyland Churro.

Yes, you aren't wrong to think that real estate wasn't Disney's cup of tea. However, they appear to be getting a handle on things at last.

Concluding thoughts

Conclusion paragraph: Disney is continuing its trend of innovation with the launch of Storyliving by Disney. This new venture will allow families to live in a town that is themed after one of Disney's popular movies or parks. With its own lagoon and other amenities, this development is sure to be a hit with families looking for an immersive experience. If you're interested in learning more about this exciting new development, make sure to subscribe to ScroogeMarketer blog so that you don't miss any future updates.

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