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Celebrating 20 years of "Life's Good" in the Indian market

It takes a long journey for a brand to become a household name. Today, I will be sharing my thoughts on a similar brand that has become a household name in the Indian market. It is non-other than LG.

2017, marked 20 years for the global giant LG in the Indian consumer market. In India, LG operates in three verticals - Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance & Air Solution. To celebrate these glorious 20 years for the brand, they recently launched a story commercial with a central idea of "achieving dreams".

Have a look at the commercial here.

The ad showcases a journey of a single mother raising her daughter with difficulties, to achieve her dreams. The brand is well integrated with the storyline that depicts LG's journey in India. The ad has an emotional quotient that retains the viewer's attention for 3:50 secs. Currently, the ad has crossed over 104 million views on YouTube. LG has also launched several promotional offers to celebrate its 20 years in the Indian market.

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