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6 reasons to use Paperpile reference manager for Google Docs and Microsoft Word

References can be a hassle to manage. From finding them to organizing them, you probably spend more time referencing than you do the actual writing. Reference management software, also known as citation management software, is a valuable tool for researchers. These types of applications help scholars and students organize and manage their references. To begin with, these tools make it easier to store, search and cite research sources used. Furthermore, it helps save time by keeping track of citations, organizing references for publication or presentation, and avoiding errors caused by manual citation entry.

Which reference manager should students use for essays?

A reference manager program is software designed to help manage bibliographic citations. Not only can these programs save you time in searching for and formatting references, but they can also help you organize your thoughts and ideas. Among the best reference managers for students is Paperpile, which lets you digitally store your research. It also has a variety of citation styles to choose from.

Introduction to Paperpile Reference Manager

Paperpile is a smart reference manager for Google Docs and Microsoft Word. It can be used to keep track of citations in a document, extract images for use in other documents, automatically generate bibliographies, and export as various formats for submission or archival purposes.


Paperpile will also save you time when you are checking sources and formatting your document. It is a great tool for students who need to do research and create term papers. It is also useful for professionals in various fields because they can find the information they need within seconds. It is a good idea to have Paperpile installed if you are writing content on Google Docs or Microsoft Word because it will make it easier for you to find the correct information, cite it and avoid plagiarism.

6 reasons to use Paperpile reference manager for Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

Paperpile is a reference manager that is great for students and professionals alike. It has a clean and intuitive interface which makes it very fast and easy to use. It also synchronizes data across your devices, so you can start writing on your computer, continue on your tablet, then finish on your smartphone. Here are 6 reasons to consider:

1. Easily manage all your references and sources: PDFs, Word Documents, online articles.

Paperpile has many features that make it easier to manage all of your research and writing tasks. You can organize your references by title, author, date, tags, or project. You can also add notes to individual items and tag them with keywords so that they are easy to find. Paperpile also lets you import PDFs directly into the library and search for specific words or phrases in a large body of text.

The features of Paperpile are not limited to its ability to store thousands of references. It also has a powerful PDF reader built-in which displays all the pages of one PDF file on one screen so you can navigate through it quickly and easily.

2. Get paperless: Download PDFs and annotate while you're on the go

PDFs are a necessary tool in the professional world. They offer many benefits such as convenience, portability, and accessibility. However, they come with some drawbacks. It can be difficult to keep track of changes to a document without distributing frequent versions or to have the editing privileges on a document without jumping through hoops.

Annotation is an excellent way to keep track of changes made to documents, but it's difficult to do so when PDFs are stored on hard drives. This is where Paperpile comes in! It makes it easier than ever before for professionals who use PDFs in their day-to-day life. The app allows them to download the PDFs they need and annotate them while they're on the go. Paperpile's note-taking tool is perfect for highlighters and lowlighters alike. You can highlight or underline key points, draw arrows, make notes, etc. Bottom line: Paperpile is an excellent app for staying paperless while on the go with your mobile device.

3. Securely store your PDFs on Paperpile and access them from anywhere.

Paperpile's secure storage ensures that you can store sensitive files on the cloud while having absolute control of them. You can read or share files with others in the privacy of your own workspace without worrying about breaches. Paperpile has end-to-end encryption so you're in control of who has access to your documents. You have the option of storing any documents in Paperpile's cloud or on your own device for ultimate privacy and security. It ensures that your files are private, secure, and always available.

4. Instantly add citations and bibliographies to your docs.

When writing an academic paper, it is important to be using the appropriate citation styles to match the format of your research. There are many different citation styles that can be used but it is always advised to adhere to the style that your university follows. Paperpile provides a way for you to organize and add citations to your work. You can also import PDFs into your library, annotate them, and export them as Word documents with a bibliography.

Paperpile is more than just a tool that helps you organize your work - it also helps you cheat on the time-consuming part of writing - finding sources. If you're using Paperpile, all the hard work of finding sources is done for you. All you need to do is enter the name of the source in Paperpile's search bar or select it from its extensive list of databases - and Paperpile will automatically provide a citation for it in whichever format is needed in your document - APA, MLA, Harvard or Chicago style.

5. The best PDF reader for mobile devices, iOS, Android

Paperpile is available on all devices and has a great PDF reader. It also has an app for iOS and Android devices. It allows you to store PDFs and notes on your phone or tablet so that you can access them anytime, anywhere.

6. Intuitive interface that's easy to learn.

Paperpile is the best app for managing papers, with its intuitive interface and powerful features. It is an advanced app that works for everyone - whether you're a student, professional, or someone else who needs to manage their references. It also provides a clean interface that makes it easy to search for and organize your references by title, author, or any other keyword. You can also save your entire collection of references in one place with unlimited storage!

Apart from the above reasons, here are a few more:

1) Paperpile provides citation suggestions for the document that you are working on when you start typing an author, journal title, or article title.

2) If you are not sure of the correct citation format, Paperpile provides guidance on which format to use with examples.

3) After adding a citation, Paperpile automatically updates your bibliography or reference list in your document so that all the details are accurate for future use.

4) If you want to make changes to a citation after it has already been added, this can be done very easily through a changelog within the application itself.

in-text citation and bibliography with Paperpile reference manager
Organize your research efficiently with Paperpile

Concluding thoughts

If you wish to try Paperpile, sign up for a free 30-day trial. If you find it useful and want to buy the subscription, use coupon code Tausif_Mulla_20 to get a 20% discount on the annual package. For academics and students, the pricing is $2.99 per month. It offers value for money when compared to other reference managers such as Mendeley, SciWheel, Endnote, and more.

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