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6 Brands You Should Follow On Social Media For Inspiration

As an educator, I always look at the inspiration that will help me nurture my skills and benefit my students. What better way to look for inspiration than social media? In this post, I have curated a list of 10 brands that you should definitely follow on social media to improve your marketing. 10 Brands doing an awesome job on social media:

1) Burger King

The first on the list is one of my personal favorites, Burger King. If you are in the food business, you should definitely follow the KING on all social platforms. For this post, I will concentrate on Instagram. Currently, Burger King has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram. It also has country-specific accounts and the numbers of followers on these accounts make a huge chunk. The social media strategy adopted by Burger King is a mix of humor content and consumer testimonials.

Have a look at some of the posts by the brand

Burger King on Instagram

In this post, Burger King is seen trolling its arch rival McDonald over the movie IT.

Burger King trolling McDonald over IT movie

Similar to this scary clown, they even released a commercial on their YouTube channel.

2) Oreo

The second brand on the list is Oreo from the house of Mondelēz International. Oreo is an iconic cookie brand that's been on the market for over 100 years. Initially, the brand was owned by National Biscuit Company ( also known as Nabisco) that was later acquired by Mondelez International.

Oreo is a brand on social media that's all about appeal. Be it images, videos or gifs, you will fall in love with the cookie by the sheer presentation of it. You can follow Oreo on all social platforms, but in this post, I will talk about Twitter.

On the micro blogging site, it has over 857k followers as on Dec 2017. Over the years, it has gained a lot of respect from it followers mainly due to its quirky tweets. Have a look at these tweets:

Oreo super bowl tweet

During one of the super bowl matches, the light went out for flat 34 minutes. Television viewers had nothing to do during the blackout and so they turned to Twitter and this is what Oreo did. Now, that's savage.

Here is another one, when the Google announced their next Android update will be called Oreo.

3) Airbnb

After Uber, the company that disrupted an industry is Airbnb. In the business of connecting travelers with the host to offer affordable and memorable experiences, Airbnb has become a huge hot on social media. Their own website has a section called Airbnb Stories that showcases stories from travelers and hosts around the world.

Airbnb is very active on all major social platforms and doing extremely well. For this post, I will discuss its presence on the biggest social network Facebook. Airbnb is all about building a community that thrives on experiences, it has a whopping 10 million followers on Facebook alone. Have a look at the type of content that is posted on Airbnb's Facebook page.

Airbnb on Facebook

Airbnb arranges regular meet ups with host and travelers around the world.

Airbnb events

4) Nike

When an iconic brand says you "Just Do It", you better do it. Nike is one brand that has been a "look up to" brand when it comes to marketing. Take up any social media website and you will see millions of followers for Nike.

Nike has over 29 million followers on Facebook, over 7 million followers on Twitter. What do you do when your brand has such humongous following? You engage. Nike is known to sign biggest sports athletes as its brand endorser. As a brand what do you need to do when you have personalities like Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Neymar promote you? You leverage their success. Nike puts up awesome content on its Facebook and Twitter page, have a look at it.

Nike's engagement on facebook

Nike on Twitter

Over the years, Nike has also supported controversial campaigns and has broken stereotypes. This was evident in their newest launch of the athletic hijab for female Muslim athletes.

Nike Hijab wear for Muslims

5) Amul

Amul is an Indian global brand well known to revolutionized the Indian milk industry. It is brand that's quirky and satire. Amul is very quick to come up with satirical humor on trending topics. Currently, it has over 1.4 million followers on Facebook and here is a glimpse of types of posts it makes.

Amul ad on facebook

The above post was shared by Amul on the demise of the actor Shashi Kapoor.

Life of Pie ad by Amul


The last brand on the list is my personal favorite IKEA. If you are looking for creative inspiration, IKEA should be your first stop on social media. The brand is very active on all social platforms. I will cover its presence on Instagram. Have a look at some of the posts by the brand.

Ikea on instagram

Ikea has built a thriving community on Instagram where followers post their products, hacks, designs, etc. The DIY videos are a huge hit with its followers. In 2014, it released a catalog on Instagram which went viral. Here is a glimpse of the catalog.

These are few brands that I follow on social media for inspiration. Tell me in the comments, which brands do you follow for inspiration?

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