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6 Tips To Rock Your Presentation

Here’s the truth: presentations can become boring at times. But there is no doubt if it's done in the right way, it can leave a lasting impression on the audience. If you are a student, you are expected to work on a presentation in every subject or module. Hence, it’s even crucial to know what makes an awesome presentation.

6 Tips To Rock Your Presentation

1. Let your creative juices flow

Don’t restrict yourself to the Microsoft Powerpoint tool. No doubt, it's a great tool but if it doesn’t bring out creativity you may consider other presentation tools like Keynote, Google Slides or Canva. Any presentation tool you want to use should have beautiful templates that fit well with your story that you wish to share with the audience.

2. Zero it down to one idea

When you start working on your presentation you will be flooded with ideas in your brain. It’s a good habit if you make a cloud tag of all the ideas that cross your mind. Have a bird’s eye view on all the ideas that you have collected. Now, ask yourself what is the one idea that is unique and can help in storytelling? Focus on that idea and start elaborating it. Try to keep between 6-8 words in each screen.

3. Use 10/15/20 rule

As a thumb rule, stick to 10 slides that take 15 minutes or less and has a 20 point font. With this, you have a higher chance of retention from your audience.

4. Be a storyteller

Every presentation needs to have a story. No matter if you are giving a presentation on the topic of statistic, it still needs to have a story to have an impact. Take your audience on a narrative journey like a movie director but start with the key problem that you are addressing and then slowly uncover the solution that you want to share.

5. Engage with the audience

No way you should read directly from the slide. While presenting, consider reading directly from the slide as a cardinal sin (pun intended). Ask your audience questions related to the topic to gauge their attention towards you. That’s how the audience will retain your presentation.

6. Look out for friendly faces

One final tip - in the audience, look out for friendly and nodding faces to interact during the presentation. This will boost your confidence and will reduce any nervousness you may have.

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