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  • Tausif Mulla

Samsung makes you emotional with Bixby Voice Assistant (Sorry Siri)

We all have our personal preferences when it comes to brands, especially when it comes to tech brands. It's a constant war between consumers that support Samsung vs Apple.

Recently, Samsung India launched a new campaign that showcases its voice assistant application called Bixby. This voice-powered digital assistant has an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that is designed to make device interaction easier and specifically to avoid the complexity of increasingly fully-featured devices. The ad is inspired by a real story of a mother suffering from MND (Motor Neuron Disease) that lost her ability to communicate and move.

Samsung Bixby emotional ad

An NGO by the name of Asha Ek Hope foundation reached to Samsung with a unique request to integrate the patient's voice that can be used by the voice assistant Bixby. The team at Samsung recorded the patient's voice, synthesized it, and converted her voice into the voice of Bixby on a Samsung Smartphone.

You can watch the advert here.

The ad has an emotional connection that will leave you to look out for tissues.

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