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  • Tausif Mulla

SWOO - the live broadcasting app that’s disrupting the Education industry in collaboration with ALEF

What happens when two of the most innovative tech startups join hands? The outcome is a sheer disruption in the industry.

SWOO broadcasting app for education

The GCC region has been making a lot of buzz with recent happenings in the startup ecosystem. Two companies that are on the path to disrupt the education industry are SWOO and ALEF Education. SWOO is the first Emirati based live broadcasting application from the UAE to the world that’s actively used by celebrities, social media influencers, and thought leaders. With SWOO, the audience can get a chance to peek into the lives of their idols and influencers on a daily basis. On its launch, SWOO categorized its offering into 13 channels ranging from the magazine, tech, money, etc and now the most recent one to be added is the education channel.

Emirati product disrupting the education industry

ALEF Education, the strategic partner of SWOO with its innovative transformational technology-enabled education solution in the UAE’s education sector, will act as a catalyst in enhancing the classroom experience. As part of their strategic partnership, the first offering to the education sector is a communication tool that provides the means for remote interaction between teachers and students.

With this new offering from SWOO and ALEF Education, students and teachers are not just restricted to a classroom but the learning continues beyond the four walls. The educators can go live at any point in time if they wish to share some knowledge with their pupils. Here’s a scenario for you that will help you understand the uniqueness of this product. With Swoo’s education channel, a physics educator can explain the concept of Distance in relation to Speed and Time by showcasing himself driving a car from one place to another.

With SWOO, the broadcasters such as the educators can plan and arrange their content as lesson plans of a class. Even the school can become a broadcaster and use it to make announcements, plan out virtual parent’s meet to discuss certain topics, can arrange one to one parents & teacher meeting (PTM), and last but not the least to showcase all the cool happenings in the school like events, performances, competitions, etc.

SWOO partnership with ALEF Education

The possibilities are endless with this unique offering from SWOO. With over 2.8 million installs worldwide, you too can be a part of the community of your interest. If you are an educator or a content producer, how do you plan to use it?

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