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  • Tausif Mulla

Gillette is making Fathers a bit cuter than the Babies

Gillette Blue Simple 3 razor

Gillette ranks at 29th position on the Forbes "World's Most Valuable Brands". Currently, the brand value is approximately $19.2 Billion and growing strong. In this post, I won't be touching on the financials of the brand but an ongoing commercial for one its products Gillette Blue Simple 3.

If you are a marketing student, you might be aware that Gillette was acquired by P&G back in 2005. Even after the acquisition, the brand has still retained its positioning "The best a man can get". For P&G, the razors are one of the most profitable product items under the personal hygiene product line with operating margins of around 30%. Gillette even started its own subscription model to take heads on a competitor like Dollar Shave Club.

The new product Gillette Blue Simple 3 has come out with a humorous commercial that showcases a father getting more attention than the cute baby. Watch the commercial here

Humor being the central theme of the ad, it clearly portrays the product benefits i.e "clean smooth shave". Another brand that is known to take this route is none another than Axe. Adding humor in commercial is not a new thing and it has been quite successful for the products. The biggest advantage of making a humorous ad, such as this one, is creating a strong brand recall.

Gillette funny print ad

Gillette is also known to have successful athletes as its brand endorsers such as Roger Federer, Thierry Henry, David Beckham, Rahul Dravid to name a few.

Roger Federer as Brand Endorser for Gillette

Let me know in the comments which another ad of Gillette did you like it

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