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What's Scrooge Marketer?

ScroogeMarketer marketing blog in UAE

Hi, my name is Tausif Mulla. I am a faculty of Business Management at Westford University College, UAE. I'm sure you must be wondering why the name scrooge marketer? I have been blogging since 2015 and have helped thousands of my readers with marketing tips, breaking down key marketing concepts, campaign analysis, and strategy reviews. When I started blogging, I wanted a build a persona that my readers could relate to. The name Scrooge is inspired by the famous Walt Disney character "Scrooge McDuck" popularly known as "Uncle Scrooge". I was mesmerized by the traits of this character and thought of bringing this character to academia and talk about different avenues in marketing.


I write content that covers various aspects of marketing ranging from digital marketing, brand management, consumer behavior, and more. I'm sure that you will find this blog resourceful.


Enjoy reading. 

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